Home Security: Installing the Right System

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Home Security: Installing the Right System

When I bought my first home, the first thing that I did was install a new security system. That meant comparing quite a few residential alarm systems until I found the one with the features I really wanted. Five years later, I'm still happy with my choice. In my case, certain features were especially important. The ability to access the system remotely was a big plus. Since I live alone, a system that I could use to summon help if I became ill or sustained a nasty fall also mattered. If you are thinking of installing a new system, let me provide some food for thought. By deciding what features you really need, it will be easier to focus on systems that are worth your time and your money.


Worried About The Pedestrians In Your Town? Three Steps That Will Make The Crosswalks Safer

If you spend any time as a pedestrian, you know how dangerous it can be to try and cross a street, even at a crosswalk. In most cases, you have to step off the curb and hope that motorists will provide you with the time, and space, you need to get across the street safely. If you're worried about the pedestrians in your town – whether you're an official or just a concerned citizen – there are things that can be done to make the crosswalks a safer place for everyone involved. Read More 

Independent Filmmakers Need To Avoid The Hassles And Costs Of Amateurish Interior Shoots

Independent film producers realize that one of the best tickets to Hollywood deals is producing a small-budgeted film that gains acclaim and shows commercial promise. Thanks to great developments in high-definition camera technology, shooting a film on a reduced budget is possible. Unfortunately, a film with very low production values can prove to be disastrous. Such a film could end up looking incredibly amateurish -- not a trait that would be helpful for someone looking to stand out as a new film director genius. Read More 

Make Your Personalized Water Bottle Labels Effective With These Tips

When your business is taking part in a trade show or other similar event, you have the opportunity to get your brand in front of hundreds of people, if not more. While branded pens and note paper can quickly get lost in the shuffle, partnering with a company that puts personalized labels on water bottles is an effective way for people to read your company's name and learn about what you do — especially if the event is taking place in a hot, stuffy conference facility and a bottle of water would provide some welcome refreshment. Read More 

5 Facts You Should Know About Spray Foam Insulation

Foam insulation is becoming more and more popular, because it does an amazing job at creating air-tight seals to stop the transfer of heat. If you are building a new home, adding an addition or simply want to add to or replace your existing insulation, spray foam insulation could be a great option, but first, check out these five important facts to consider before you start spraying. Spray Foam Insulation Can Save You Money Read More 

3 Questions You May Have Before Joining A Workers Union

If you just started your first job after graduating college, you might be approached with the option of joining a workers union through your workplace. While you are not required to join a workers union, it might be in your best interest to at least consider joining. Being part of a workers union can be beneficial for you, but it's important to understand what this means before you join. Here are three questions you may have about becoming a member of a workers union. Read More